A dynamic and continuously changing market environment, the complexity of supply chain management, the various risks associated with international trade and the stringent regulations related to food & feed safety require extensive experience and expertise. Our team is able to support your business whether you need advice related to trade, quality, logistics or trade finance.

Supply chain management

Agridient offers end-to-end logistics services to almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of origin or destination, our operations department makes sure all shipping- and quality documents meet the applicable rules & regulations. Our close partnerships with the leading carriers enable us to offer enhanced flexibility and ensures consistent and reliable delivery schedules. Throughout the supply chain we offer additional services such as packing & re-packing, warehousing, transloading, and heating.

Risk Management & Trade Finance Solutions

International trade could be a complex activity involving various risks. Understanding and managing the associated risks are key to success. Our global network, logistics expertise and extensive experience built up over years, enable Agridient to safeguard our suppliers and customers for price risk, delay & default, currency risk, insufficient insurance and legal risk. Our trade finance solutions offer the possibility to optimize your cash flow, reduce your capital need and do eliminate the risk of payment in international trade. We support your ambition for growth.

Quality Assurance

The ingredients offered by Agridient meet the highest quality standards and are in compliance with the international food & feed regulations. Our quality management system, actively monitored by our Quality Assurance department, is designed to prevent errors throughout the supply chain and ensures we maintain the high quality standards of the ingredients and services Agridient stand for. We offer end-tot-end traceability, quality certificates & technical documentation, the right packing material, as well we assign leading carriers who are compliant to our values and standards to deliver our ingredients. Our quality management system is GMP+ FSA and SKAL certified by an external certification body.


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