Agridient was established in 2009 and is based in The Netherlands, Europe. We are a global supplier of ingredients and chemicals for the food, feed and manufacturing industry. Our global footprint, long‑term partnerships, extensive market knowledge, logistics expertise and high quality standards enable us to be your competitive partner in a very dynamic and continuously changing market environment.

Who we are

Agridient offers a wide range of ingredients in more than 80 countries worldwide. Crops such as corn, wheat, tapioca, potato and soy are processed to starches, sweeteners and proteins. The ingredients we market meet the highest quality standards and are in compliance with international food & feed regulations. Agridient is supplier to the food, feed and manufacturing industry across the globe.

Our central position in the supply chain and our knowledge of global trade enable us to bring supply and demand together. For our suppliers we are the link to establish long-term partnerships with end users, manufacturers and distributors worldwide. For our customers we are the link to a global network of suppliers, offering flexibility and continuous availability of product.

Agridient offers end-to-end logistics whether it concerns warehousing, re-packing or transport by air, road and sea. We provide risk management & trade finance solutions to support growth and to strengthen long term partnerships with both our suppliers and customers. Our quality management system ensures we maintain the high quality standards of the ingredients we market. Agridient is GMP+ FSA and SKAL certified by an external certification body.

Our business

The business of Agridient could be defined in 4 important steps:

  1. We select our suppliers and ingredients based on the highest quality standards and in compliance with international food- & feed regulations
  2. We buy our ingredients at multiple origins in order to offer a reliable and consistent supply year-round
  3. We sell our ingredients to the food, feed and manufacturing industry worldwide
  4. We offer end-to-end logistics, risk management & trade finance solutions to mitigate risks and to support growth

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