Agridient is supplier to the food, feed and manufacturing industry. The wide range of ingredients we offer, our extensive network of suppliers, our market knowledge and product expertise, lead to long term partnerships with end users, manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Food Industry

The ingredients offered by Agridient are applicable in a variety of food products. We supply proteins to the milling & baking and meat processing industry. Sweeteners are offered to producers of confectionery, ice cream and beverages. Our starches are an important ingredient in the recipes for production of noodles, soups, sauces and many other food products. As long as the worldwide standard of living is rising, the demand for high quality food ingredients will grow substantially. Our central position in the supply chain and our knowledge of global trade enable us to bring supply and demand together.

Feed Industry

A growing world population requires the food production to increase rapidly. Agridient is supplying the feed industry with ingredients such as soy proteins, vital wheat gluten and pea proteins. The feed industry on their turn is producing animal nutrition for producers of meat, milk, eggs and fish. Close partnerships with our customers in the feed industry enable us to follow the latest developments in their industry and to support their need for ingredients in their changing recipes.

Manufacturing Industry

Starch is widely used for textile applications and is a key ingredient in the paper & cardboard industry. In both industries the usage of starch is encouraged to meet or exceed the rising environmental standards and regulations. Based on our years of experience, Agridient is recognized as full partner in discussions related to (modified) starches to improve the quality of paper and the productivity of the manufacturers.

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